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[Chinese shoes Network - Brand Dynamics] people visit the Nike headquarters, few people went to the third floor, Rice Jerry House (the Jerry Rice Building) of?. An area of ??192 acres of the Nike headquarters in Beaverton, Oregon City, which is located at the north end of the headquarters building of the park. Even Nike's own employees, the majority of people in this building where the staff is doing what in the end is also poorly understood. There on the floor, the door block sign that read "exclusion zone: we hear you knock on the door, but we can not let you in," This sentence is not entirely a joke. Building, five or six groups of employees, gathered in various conference rooms, a conference room whiteboard filled with all kinds of equations. Supreme among them men, both engineers, there are scientists who or from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), or from Apple (Apple). Heavily guarded building, non-disclosure: If a visitor allowed to enter, but he stared at a computer screen for longer time during a visit, soon there was a public relations officer jumped out to block his line of sight. so strict secrecy programs and special channel safety monitoring technology was just the tip of running shoes can enjoy the benefits: For example, discovered a new type of polyurethane foam blowing, or the cushion technology has made other breakthroughs. But we say this lab employees are not in the manufacturing of shoes, clothes. They are quietly waging a marketing revolution. This building i cheap foamposites s "Nike digital sports" (Nike Digital Sport) location. It is the department in 2010, Nike's newly established. On one level, the department's goal is to develop a variety of equipment and technology to help users monitor individual relevant statistical data at the time to participate in sports. The department's most well-known product is the Nike + running sensor. The jointly developed with Apple's products can monitor jogger in sports performance, soon available on the subject blitz. Now, there are 500 million people take advantage of this tool to check their state of motion. Last month, the "digital movement" section introduced the first heavyweight successor - monitoring the energy output of the "fuel wristband" (FuelBand). However, the work of digital moving part of research and development must not be limited popular sports small equipment. This department gathered the world's most outstanding marketing staff, they single-handedly hold the data of Nike consumers, occupy a unique advantage, is expected to use the data to track consumers to create an online community, so as to establish strong relationships with consumers unprecedented . Nike plans to develop a huge, ready to shift most of its marketing activities in the digital domain, and this is part of it. Since the "just do it" phrase slogan was born, or even who Portland State University (Portland State University) graphic design students to draw the check mark logo Nike Swoosh (meaning "whizzed on paper "- Annotation) since Nike headqua jordan 3 katrina 2018 rters ushered in the most significant change. Try to recall what you saw on TV recently Nike commercials. If you remember, do not be surprised. Although Nike's total marketing budget is still rising steadily, and last year it was reached a record of $ 2.4 billion, but it is spent in the United States television and print media advertising within three years on the drastic reduction of 40 percent. ? Brian Collins is a brand consultant, also a senior creative director of the advertising industry, he said:. "Now, Nike has rarely put in traditional media advertising a" past that from top to bottom, around the most popular single product launch marketing campaign is gone, whether it is your superstar Tiger Woods endorsement, launched autograph version of "Air Force One" (Air Force 1) or publish parody appeared in the late 1980s by the cloth? Jackson, Nike's brand identity alone will be able to sell the brand of "Cloth know" (Bo Knows) commercials. These marketing tools have been new, full of interactive marketing campaigns element substitution, they allow users to communicate directly with Nike. Message to the big screen erected 30-storey Johannesburg Nike Twitter fans;; from the strap and then to monitor the state of motion by Oscar-nominated director of photography, not in prime-time television broadcast, but on Facebook premiere large-scale advertising, This is reflected in the new marketing trends. ? Jon Eriksson Baum Bond is Bond Sena Ke Partners (Kirshenbaum Bond Senecal & amp; Partners)?? C cheap air jordans o-founder, who now runs a social media advertising company. He said: "Obviously, Nike believes that even if there is no large-scale television advertising, their business can still done fast." Cause When this transition is simple: Nike need close to the consumer. The core consumer image is a 17-year-old boy. He spent than adults sneakers on 20% more, but he had to give up TV, but in all kinds of online communities in a nice duck. Nike not only think they have without the help of a massive TV advertising will be able to develop new markets, it said that the digital world allows the formation of its brands and consumers closer interaction - tightness might be comparable to the development of early Nike. At that time, that is, the 1960s, the company founder Phil? Knight drove his car, personally sell shoes. Not long ago, in the "Fortune" magazine (Fortune) interview, Nike CEO Mark? Parker in Beaverton that room filled with knick-knacks his office said that this is a major change. He said: "The previous mode of communication is that it is our product, which we do advertising, hope you like but now communication is a dialogue.." different markets favor different athletes. In China, people of Kobe & middot; Bryant (Kobe Bryant) madness. Believe it or not, the great Kobe there than in the United States. He presided over his own reality show, every year around the Chinese parade, with fans meet. Morningstar (Morningstar) analyst Paul & middot; Si Wen Nande (Paul Swinand) said: "He is Michael & middot; Retro jordans for sale Jackson (Michael Jackson) and Michael & middot; Jordan (Michael Jordan) combination." Bryant to sponsor Nike cap imprint on the emerging middle class, which is the Nike brand new customer base. Nike in which this market is its biggest growth engine. (Chinese shoes Network - the most professional and authoritative Footwear News)I believe we are enjoying the eleven holiday bring comfortable, and today we have prepared for you this month on the full debut the new trailer. In many new products will have to impress your heart classic shoes, let us preview. Yow" item: 654283-066Release date: 1.jpg (82.73 KB, download number: 48) download In October 2014 preview new shoes 2014-10-2 11:00 upload item: 684933-615Release date: 2.jpg (127.13 KB, download number: 48) download In October 2014 preview new shoes 2014-10-2 11:00 upload item: 684933-003Release date: 3.jpg (85.04 KB, download number: 48) download In October 2014 preview new shoes 2014-10-2 11:00 upload item: 684933-625Release date: 4.jpg (127.62 KB, download number: 48) download In October 2014 preview new shoes 2014-10-2 11:00 upload item: 684933-004Release date: 5.jpg (97.55 KB, download number: 48) download the attachment 0 China News Agency, New York, October eighteen, Hongkong and Fujian jointly organized the investment environment promotion meeting in Philadelphia on eighteen July to encourage more American companies to invest in Fujian and Hong kong. More than 100 senior representatives from enterprise air jordan 11 space jam for sale s attended the promotion meeting and actively explored opportunities in the two places. director of Hongkong Investment Promotion Agency Rowse in promotion conference said that Hongkong has to help multinational companies successful elements, is an ideal base for foreign companies in business management, a total of three thousand eight hundred and forty-five foreign and mainland companies with regional headquarters and regional offices in Hongkong, nearly nine hundred companies from the United states. He said, American companies formed the international business community the largest in Hongkong, there are about one thousand and two hundred American companies engaged in all walks of life in Hong Kong. These enterprises continue to expand at the same time, we also welcome more American companies to come to Hongkong to open operation base, and in the mainland, especially in Fujian Province set up business, in order to make full use of the complementary advantages of the two, into the huge Pan Pearl River and the mainland market. : Lu Weisi said that multinational enterprises in Hong Kong could also take advantage of the interests of the mainland and Hongkong on the establishment of closer economic partnership arrangements. Under the framework of the arrangement, American companies can enter the mainland market by setting up companies in Hongkong, setting up joint ventures with Hongkong companies, or even acquiring Hongkong companies. In fact, more than 1/4 of companies assisted by t jordan retro 14 white/fuchsia blast/black he Hongkong investment promotion department indicated that the arrangement was one of the reasons for attracting them to invest in Hong kong. Fujian foreign trade and Economic Cooperation Department Director Yang Biao said, Fujian is located on the southeast coast Chinese Chinese, is one of the earliest implementation of opening of the provinces, is currently one of the most potential areas of economic China. Electronic information, machinery and equipment and petrochemical industry are the three leading industries in Fujian, and the development standards are all in the forefront of china. If US enterprises are to locate their regional headquarters in Hongkong and manage their production bases or logistics centers in Fujian, they will be able to make full use of the advantages of the two places and achieve maximum return on investment. this entitled "Hongkong - Fujian: Chinese strategy partner" your investment environment will be introduced, is second times the two joint promotion activities to promote the Pan Pearl River Delta as the theme of the investment environment. The promotion will be co sponsored by the Hongkong SAR government investment promotion department and the Fujian provincial foreign trade and Economic Cooperation Office, and the Hongkong economic and Trade Office in New York. the Pan Pearl River Delta, consisting of nine provinces in China and Hongkong and Macao, is considered to be the richest region in china. The total population in the region reach jordans on sale online ed four hundred and fifty million, accounting for about thirty-five percent of the total population. Pan PRD regional cooperation has also led to more foreign investors in HongkongThis is a NBA in 1994 the Eastern Conference semifinals, Pippin led the bulls and led by Ewing and Nicks del Rey, in a fast break three bulls pass two pass slit the Nicks defence, Pippin ball Dianbu soared, Ewing did not fear the head on, however, Pippin. Ewing will beat the ball into the basket. If the is just a separate button, that wasn't the best career, Pippin after the action is arrogant, he crossed directly from the head of Ewing, the legendary center sent kuaxiazhiru, this ball is the official named Pippin ten dunk first. Today we see the Nike Air More Uptempo will be used as inspiration, will separate button silhouette and placement insole, with Ewing at the Nicks New York Team Jersey color as the theme to create the shoes, the air cushion is particularly striking orange. Coincidentally, when Pippen and Ewing are wearing the number 33 shirt. In addition to after the exposure of the GS size, the shoes will have a man of sale. shoe information: Nike Air More Uptempo "Knicks" : White/Deep Royal Blue-Team Orange color number::921948-101 release date: September 19, 2017 sale price: $160 in addition, there is a "Three Cup" color of the big Air also ushered in the sale of information. This Nike Air More Uptempo "Tri-Color" will be black, gray and white color is divided into three packages in the shoe bod buy cheap jordans online y, A, I, R three letters were using different color display. In addition, color partition also extends to the bottom and the bottom. Nike Air More Uptempo "Tri-Color" color: Black/Black/Cool-Grey-White number: 921948-002 release date: August 12, 2017 END get movement micro signal: getdunkhome : you have to recommend a shoe color collect impulse? Adidas Boost technology will gradually lose its magic? The new Nike air cushion can bring surprises? Running shoes circle in recent years, can be described as fast! Take the vans, in recent years its single product, increasingly rich. The shoes cultural leader NB, in the market has never stopped the pace of progress, many shoes, some stunts. but as college students, if you do not know how to choose their own shoes, perhaps the following 10 pairs of shoes campus wind is more suitable for you. 10.Unisex Nike Flyknit RacerThis Nike Flyknit shoe technology, light as a feather, moderate price, one-piece vamp exquisite all-match permeability and flexibility, is also very good. Fly line technology using Flywire dynamic, greatly reduce the weight of the shoe body. The shoelace can adjust the upper vamp fit, like skin wrapped feet. 9.Vans Classics Flame Old Skool CONVERSE Classics branch recently launched "Flame" series of shoes. In fact, in the early 90s, this series has swept the world. This year's Flame series of comeback flame, brought back a lot of memories of the fans. The design of this shoe is based on black and white collocation, with ener Cheap jordans online air jordan 11 blackout for sale getic flame pattern on the side of the shoe body color, from left to right by the Yellow red. 8.Nike Air Foamposite One and its predecessor Quai 54 compared to Foamposite One the upper light wonderful dripping, reveal the infinite light shine as possible. The gradient line beautiful is the highlight of One Foamposite, bring vigor and vitality to the whole pair of shoes. Although Foamposite One shoes did not stretch, but it pays more attention to the foot of the shoe body of the user, wearing more comfortable. 7.Saucony Grid 8500 BoroThis grid 850 Shengkangni male retro running shoes, suitable for daily exercise. The upper cortex and fabric stitching, have good ventilation and comfort. Take the grid and EVA midsole cushioning technology, provide good support and the cushioning performance. But in the end of the thickness has increased, XT-6000 rubber outsole design of corrugated, non slip wear. 6.Adidas Ultra Boost 3.0 didas Ultra Boost is Adidas Ultra 3 Boost 2 upgrade version. It not only retains the original classic shoes, also a unique texture, showing the appearance of avant-garde fashion. The shoe body frame with a translucent jelly style, full of vitality. The sign of the Boost technology is still in the bottom of the blessing, bring comfort to the feet.0.jpg (253.97 KB, download times: 0) download attachment save to album 2014-5-8 upload at 14:16 continue to bring black and silver color of the Air Jordan 3Lab5 "Metallic Silver" real tushang. This new member of the 3Lab5 family w jordans on sale mens ill be officially on sale this fall, the continuation of this series of strong texture, dark gray dotted full burst vamp classic details, low-key and quite bright, is very conducive to a variety of pants dress collocation. item: 555088-023 1.jpg (209.33 KB, download times: 0) download attachment save to album 2014-5-8 upload at 14:16 2.jpg (179.29 KB, download times: 0) download attachment save to album 2014-5-8 upload at 14:16 3.jpg (184.93 KB, download times: 0) download attachment save to album 2014-5-8 upload at 14:16 4.jpg (188.57 KB, download times: 0) download attachment save to album 2014-5-8 upload at 14:16adidas_starwars_super_death_stormtrooper_conductor-1.jpg (252.02 KB, download number: 0) download attachments saved to the album 2013-1-1 23:32 upload Adidas Originals STAR WARS adidas_starwars_super_death_stormtrooper_conductor-2.jpg (188.35 KB, download number: 0) download attachments saved to the album 2013-1-1 23:32 upload adidas_starwars_super_death_stormtrooper_conductor-3.jpg (155.37 KB, download number: 0) download attachments saved to the album 2013-1-1 23:32 upload shoes with low-key color itself but instead let the details more prominent, Conductor Storm Trooper tongue greatly stormtroopers head embroidery, but let me think of the ObyO Jeremy Scott, part of the shoe, I also think of pirate flag (saying no One Piece a month of life is full of such a design,...) Lenovo space, put the shoes creativity to the most incisive, whether fans or fans, are able to find their own "taste. adidas_starwars_super_death_stormtrooper_conductor-4.jpg (146.49 KB, download number: 0) download attachments saved to the album 2013-1-1 23:32 uploadEarlier we have ahead of time for everyone to bring a few artists KAWS teamed up with Jordan to create Air brand design Jordan 4 days before KAWS himself through Instagram personally unveiled this by the. Let us in this design through a few spy photos first feel this classic again. This pair of Air Jordan 4 selection of high-grade grey suede remodeling shoe body, fur material ornament more overall level makes clear, while the use of the iconic KAWS Companion hand decorated shoes and insole outsole, both sides of Logo printed on the echoes that this section of the design theme, the translucent equipped with the luminous at the end of this section will be ending, can be expected in March to become the most Madden by the. air-jordan-4-kaws.jpeg (183.41 KB, download number: 3) download KAWS x Air Jordan 4 complete secret 2017-3-3 08:51 upload air-jordan-4-kaws-2.jpeg (265.73 KB, download number: 4) download KAWS x Air Jordan 4 complete secret 2017-3-3 08:50 upload air-jordan-4-kaws-1.jpeg (262.23 KB, download number: 4) download KAWS x Air Jordan 4 complete secret 2017-3-3 08:50 upload air-jordan-4-kaws-7.jpeg (184.25 KB, download number: 3) download KAWS x Air Jordan 4 complete secret 2017-3-3 08:51 upload air-jordan-4-kaws-5.jpeg (215.33 KB, download number: 4) download KAWS x Air Jordan 4 complete secret 2017-3-3 08:51 KAWS aj4, Air upload, Jordan 400Many shoes fans for this pair of BAPE x adidas NMD R1 Camo all night waiting, but unfortunately most of the friends are still lost and return, the difficulty of starting is not the same. But it is easy for some of the goods before the date of the king, a network of shoes sell out PO two photos, 100 pairs of BAPE x adidas NMD R1 Camo has become the focus of the grand instantaneous fans shoes forward and hot. The real thing and many shoes shoes sell money, manufacturers how to choose? 920fda58jw1fa7jib2xhkj20ku0rsaef.jpg (167.35 KB, download times: 6) download attachment BAPE, x, Adidas, NMD, R1, Camo, king, sun, Upload 09:42 2016-11-28 920fda58jw1fa7jiaq5yzj20ku0fntcv.jpg (159.84 KB, download times: 4) download attachment BAPE, x, Adidas, NMD, R1, Camo, king, sun, 2016-11-28 09:42 uploads , BAPE, Adidas, NMD, R1, Camo, cargo King 00 & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; last season, Bryant although due to injury almost missed the entire season, but its endorsement of the Kobe IX series high group and low for the three shoes is still hot shoes now online exposure Kobe IX mid. & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; from the point of view of the picture, Kobe IX mid in the upper under the greater effort, the shoe body of grid projects under the vamp is Flywire dynamic fly line, heel to heel is by Kobe series rare leather form, better protect the ankle and heel, on both sides of the shoe body is still Kobe IX of standard of carbon fiber material, played a good supporting role. so far, there is no information on the sale of the shoes, we will continue to pay attention to. /〉New Balance launched a new "Terry Cloth Pack" series, including 574 pairs of different color to a pair of shoes, a pair of red is the main color, with dark blue as the main color, gray and white collocation are the details of the deal, the series uses suede, screen made of cloth and leather mixed, priced $80. Now visit the designated shops. About our contact, privacy policy, advertising, Recruitment Information 2016LONG7.COM, ALL, RIGHTS, RESERVED / POWERED, BY, LONG7, PROFESSIONAL, SNEAKER, MEDIA, Shanghai, ICP, ready for No.Vintage fashion Nigel Cabourn Red Wing Heritage 2013-12-08 22:32:36 together for nearly two years, deep and elegant vintage style popular in the trend circle, and vintage style love friends for Nigel Cabourn this brand will not feel strange, Nigel Cabourn, synonymous circle in the trend is to represent the vintage and almost uniform. 〈br ross="" adidas="" rose="" 3="" new="" play="" superman="" color="" exposure="" 2013-12-08="" 22:27:36 before the public release of the black and white ash, red red and other basic color Adidas Rose 3, recently online exposure of a new color of the Adidas Rose 3. From the exposure picture we can see, this new color matching design concept using Adidas in the last two years launched Howard Superman color matching, all white shoes with red, blue and yellow embellishment, very beautiful.